Hi I’m Dionne, a 21 year old singer songwriter from Doncaster, My latest single is “No Way” out on the 26th August 2022. I write alternative pop rock and acoustic style. I love songs that mirror the stories I see from the people in my life, joys tragedies deceits and revelations …

I blame my parents…, a baroque cellist mum and new wave dad was just a set up for me to fall in love with music…I never stood a chance. Acoustic guitar and inevitable uke were my teenage years, you can still peek some of the ukulele Tuesdays vids if you hunt for peaches cl… If I believe in anything then I believe in being kind, dogs, tattoos, sunflowers and sweetness. I’ve several new releases planned as well as all the fun of low budget video.., I’m out gigging doing an acoustic set….next one supporting Bang Bang Romeo at the Imperial in Mexborough. Might see you there…introduce yourself.

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